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The Academy Awards Opening Polylogue

  • PIT Loft 123 E 24th Street, New York, New York 10010 (map)

tl;dr: The Academy can't find a single host for this year's Oscars. This show has FOURTEEN. This is the real show!!! And also it's first!!!

So many comedians dream of hosting the Academy Awards. And yet, only one, sometimes two (2010), and occasionally ZERO comedians (2011) are given this opportunity every year. That's about to change: at this show, we're giving as many comedians as possible 5 minutes to perform whatever their opening monologue would be.


Hosted by:
Talib Babb (You Good? with Talib Babb!)
Karen Chee (Late Night with Seth Meyers!)
Juan Escalante (Unusual Culprits!)
Abby Govindan (Stand Up NY!)
Kara Hogan (Stove's Cabin Crew!)
Just And (Justin Kosisky + Andy Vega) (YouTube!)
Alise Morales (Our Cartoon President!)
Josh Nasser (Oh, Such a Good Show, Oh!)
Michelle Pastor (Concrete Jungle ASP!)
David Rey Martinez (Off Top: A Hip Hop Improv Mixer)
Rachel Sennott (HBO's High Maintenance!)
Rebecca Weiser (Backyard Show!)

And your hosts are hosted by:
Chandler Dean (McSweeney's!)

Tix coming soon!

Later Event: February 19
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