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Hubbies Disaster City

  • Treehouse154 154 W 29th St New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)


he Hubbies present a live disaster movie in the vein of The Day After Tomorrow or Twister. There is also potential for the show itself to be a disaster: any of the over 30 other comedians and groups in the show can join the show at any time and play any character they’ve always wanted to see in a disaster movie. The Hubbies do NOT know who will be in this movie other than themselves.

This show will also feature a full set based on a city to be determined later and that set will be completely destroyed by the end. What will survive??? Probably not our dignity but maybe.

Ethan Beach
Mike Cabellon
Griffin Newman
Katey Healy Wurzburg
James Cross
Will Larson
Kerri Sohn
Michael Newman
Dylan Evans
Stefan Schuette
Andy Bustillos
Sharon Spell
Priya Patel
Geoff Garlock
Alex Siegal
Glo Tavarez
Alise Morales
Tao Yang
Sam Griffel
Kevin Flynn
Zak Sommerfield

If YOU are interested in being one of the citizens of this disaster ridden-town OR a disaster OR just in the show in general, DM one of the HUBBIES!!