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Spring Breakdown: Girls Gone Mild

  • Treehouse154 154 W 29th St 2nd Floor, New York, New York 10001 (map)

Are you ever on the subway and Sean Paul comes on shuffle and you flashback longingly to a simpler time when caution was a word for driving instructors, t-shirt collections were on point and FB albums were named “~*GeT TaN oR DiE TrYiN*~”? Ditto.

Join Eva, Mel and Teresa for a night of sketch comedy and bad decisions, because we’re bored, like tequila and don’t realize it’s been like 5 years since college. We’ll be takin’ over the club (Treehouse) and bumpin’ dope a$$ jams from from our musical guest MISS EAVES… BECAUSE IT’S NOT SPRING BREAK WITHOUT A LIVE CONCERT.

Remember Megan’s parties in high school, and she’d be like “my parents are going out of town” and you’d anticipate it all week cause she lived in that fucking mansion, and the closest neighbor was like an acre away so the cops never got called unless effing Dillon drove his Jeep around the neighborhood blasting the subwoofer, and everyone had to park their Camry like five blocks away and only the coolest crews got invited — but others nervously showed up hoping to fly under the radar…and they did…but then they drank a bunch of Bacardi Razz…and then they soared. It’s gonna be like that.

So step the fuck up or step the fuck out. Tonight, we live. #LIIVVVEEE. Spring Break 4ever. P.S. If anyone has Carson Daly’s contact info., get at us.

Malt bevs encouraged. Chasers optional. 3-6-9-damn you’re fine.